Developments are related to the recycling of materials, the disposal of existing industrial waste or the use of energy from them for useful environmental purposes.

Therefore, in particular, we have done some work on recycling waste tires, which makes an unlimited amount of heat and a chance to reuse the tool steel used for cord wire and carbohydrates that will give a new portion of energy.

We want to assure you that the manufacturing of construction materials based on the mixture of sand and secondary plastic gives excellent and ecological pavement, tiles and even bricks making sure that in the future similar materials will be used for making voluminous hollow blocks for the construction of roads. Have you ever been wondering how to use billion tons of unnecessary plastic? How about the idea of ​​fusing the secondary granulate in the sheets that will become light and excellent construction material?

Humankind is increasing in size and the amount of fresh water is diminishing every day. Some people are concerned with the problem, while we are looking for a solution and it makes us fundamentally different from our competitors. The realization of our plans will help avoid the lack of such vital needs as water and irrigated land on which agricultural crops can be grown. For a long time, we have been in search of interested investors who could make it is possible to build coastal plants for the distillation of ocean water or floating platforms that, being far from the shore, will be using solar energy every day in order to receive good quality drinking water for cities and settlements. Such project will be particularly relevant for arid regions with merciless sun and insufficient precipitation.

The issues of the processing of excessive amounts of modern electronics are of significance too. Every day members of our society buy and use new gadgets, cars and even household appliances. Where are the old ones? They are thrown away to landfills and this is not the best way out. Our plan is to give a second life to plastics and metals used in the production of machinery.